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Eileen Burns

21 Step Magical Marketing Course

Learn how to add your magic to your social media marketing over 21 days or 21 steps. For holistic & spiritual businesses


Eileen Burns

Easy Facebook Marketing for Coaches & Therapists

Step by step course how to maximise facebook as an effective free advertising tool for your coach, healing or therapy business


Eileen Burns

Create Products Clients Want

Learn how to work out, create and produce online products clients want and will buy. Aimed at coaches, healers & therapists


Eileen Burns

Identify And Attract Your Soul Clients

Learn how to work out, identify and attract your soul clients & ideal clients- coaches, healers, therapists, spiritual businesses


Eileen Burns

What Is A Soul Client?

Learn Why Soul Clients Are The Most Powerful Clients You Can Attract To Your Holistic Or Spiritual Business


Eileen Burns

About- Spiritual Marketing Club

Supporting heart based holistic and spiritual business owners like You!

Identify your unique gifts and attract new clients who value what you offer.

Founded by Eileen Burns, business owner of Stress Coach Training and Business Spirit, a coach, healer
and therapist with 18 years experience of creating and developing businesses in
the UK and internationally.

Testimonials from Soul Clients

Karin Finegan

Spiritual Author & Teacher

David Rabone

The Soul Healer

Louise McConville

Coach, Healer, Hypnotherapist

Some of the kinds word from clients and members...

“Loving this course, I know that my weakness is not in my skills as a therapist but in how I market myself. As my plans this year include online courses I knew this area needed addressed and this course has be invaluable highlighting the best ways to get your business noticed ...Her help and her knowledge is fantastic ...Sylvia Bennie, Reiki Master, Therapist & Tarot Reader

"Eileen has given me a lot of food for thought on how to start up my business and how to go go about marketing myself. With many ideas and suggestions I'd not even considered.Eileen you are like a book of knowledge in your works and do really appreciate all the advice and information ..."Trudy Griffiths, Holistic Therapist

"I've had some coaching and a marketing workshop. The quality of information was superb. I've invested in coaching before but found Eileen's style, knowledge and golden nuggets of wisdom far exceeding my expectations."- Fiona Kyle, Change with Fiona

"..she put me on the right track from the beginning showing me lots of different ways to put it all together and by following her instruction I found myself putting things into the right perspective which has allowed me to have the privelege to have met a lot of lovely people along the way and I'm putting it all down to Eileen. This lady has become a very special person to me in fact I call her "my little angel from above" she Is a tremendous lady"- Elaine King, Reiki Master & Teacher

"Eileen has been a true inspiration and guide during the challenging process of starting my yoga business. Her advice has been spot on and invaluable as I've navigated the first few months. Without Eileen's expert knowledge I would have been lost. Thank you for everything!" Gilllian Davies, Yoga By Gillian

You can learn about Eileen and what she offers on her website, why not sign up for her latest FREEBIE and top tips at