21 Step Magical Marketing Course

Learn how to add your magic to your social media marketing over 21 days or 21 steps. For holistic & spiritual businesses

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21 Step Magical Marketing Course for Coaches, Healers & Therapists

Learn How To Shine Your Magic In Your Marketing

Learn How To Add Your Very Own Magic Into Your Marketing In 21 Steps Or 21 Days.

So you stand out from the crowd, reach and are remembered by your idea clients

You will

Learn how to be reach your ideal clients/soul clients by being authentic.

Learn how to shine with some powerful yet simple marketing tools

 Learn how to add magic to your social media and other marketing media

Investment £99 

Our clients and students loved this course, most commented how much fun and insightful they found it...

Intended Audience: coaches, life coaches, healers, therapists, holistic business, holistic practitioner, energyworker, lightworker, spiritual teachers, health coach, yoga teacher, reiki master, reiki teacher

Course Curriculum

Step 1- Who Are You?
Step 2- What Is Your Story?
Step 3- Your Natural Gifts & Abilities
Step 4- What Clients Do You Align With
Step 5- Your Products Or Services
Step 6- Your Most Passionate Products
Step 7 - Where Does Your Ideal Client Hang Out
Step 8 - How To Create A Catchy Tagline For Your Business
Step 9 - How To Create An Attention Grabbing Banner
Step 10- How To Create An Attention Grabbing Meme
Step 11- Create An Inspirational Meme
Step 12 - How To Talk To Your Audience
Step 13- Start Building A Tribe
Step 14- Give Your Audience Content Of Value
Step 15- How To Share Your Magic
Step 16 - Share Your Story
Step 17 - Try Something New
Step 18 - How To Get Organised With Your Social Media/ Marketing
Step 19- Making Client Connection Easy
Step 20 - Get Clarity On Your Message
Step 21- All Your Business To Evolve, Expand, Grow

Eileen Burns